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Ambient Pool

monitoring and remote control system designed to optimize the operation of the variable speed pumps.

Ours is a system for the fully automated management of the pool system: in addition to control and regulate water quality, provides remote access to all comfort functions also to the manufacturer, ensuring a safer environment.
E 'can also achieve significant savings in the management of the pool: the only function of the variable speed pump control ensures the least possible consumption and levels of filtration and optimal water quality, coming to save up to 90%. The automatic control also minimizes the use of chemical agents, prolonging the duration of the saline chlorinator.
In indoor pools, finally, adapts filtration, disinfection and other functions.

The most interesting aspect of this home automation system is undoubtedly more practical in making the pool management: lights, heating and filtration can be controlled from anywhere at any time via smartphone or tablet. By applying to a selector valve filter it is also possible to backwash automatically.
The system uses sensors and precision controls. To install the system follow the recommendations in this manual and contact qualified technicians.
At this point you just have to relax around your pool!

General characteristics

  • Adjusts the pump speed variation with variable speed according to the following parameters: water temperature / position of the cover pool / special features (waterfalls, heating, salt water chlorinator)
  • Optimization of variable-speed Automatic On / Off / Mode pumps Disinfection program based on the values Redox (ORP) measured
  • Monitoring and Dosage pH (pH + or pH) and notifies empty tank measurement of the conductivity for the salt concentration adjustment heating and temperature setting
  • Lights on / off, program mode and color choice Auxiliary output: Automatic Backwash (with valve functioning alternately - push / pull) - Water games (with a second pump or 3-way valve)
  • ON / OFF, Program mode, timer


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