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The music is good man, always. The use of Music as a means of cure is very old, the
primitive, for example, used words or sounds properly tuned during healing rituals. By
then until the present day, research into the effects treatment of the music stopping and he did not know seen to increase the achievements and areas applications tested. Although the idea of using the Music as a cure or "therapy" on several thousand
years, music therapy as a discipline in its vision integrated science and its application is very new.
It was in 1950 with the founding of the United States National Association for Music Therapy, which is starts talking about music therapy as a true science use in areas svariati.Questa discipline uses sound as a tool for non-verbal communication
intervene in education, rehabilitation or therapeutic.From therapeutic point of view the music becomes active stimulation at different levels(Multisensory, relational, emotional and cognitive) and is used in the resolution of several problems, in order to promote the well-being whole person, body, mind, and spirito.Music therapy aims to develop the functions
potential of the individual in such a way that these can improve the quality of life through a process preventive, rehabilitative or therapeutic purposes.Music therapy is used in various fields, which ranging from that of HEALTH, such as prevention,rehabilitation and support, in order to that of WELLNESS achieve a better balance and harmony psycho-physics.
There are many studies on the physiological effects
music man, the relationship between body rhythms and as music, the ability to exercise sound effects on blood pressure, digestion and on respiration.
Listening to music can reduce chronic pain up to more than 20% and 25% of depressive states. A recent study published in the British magazine Journal of Advanced Nursing.
The experimentation was on a group of patients that was made listen to music for an hour a day with the result of a less acute perception of pain.Previous research has shown that listening to soft music before going to bed improves and reconciles significantly sleep.
The essay, which coined the saying: "Sing, it will pass" does not could certainly suspect that the music would come even to be considered and used as a real their own medicine!

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