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    Aquilus Piscine

    The Aquilus Pools company consists of a network of dealers chosen for efficiency and quality assurance. Project Blue Pools is the exclusive licensee of the trademark Aquilus in Puglia, realizing inground and above ground pools in Taranto, Francavilla, Bari, Lecce, Foggia and throughout the Apulian territory. Armed with an excellent industrialization, the Aquilus pools enjoy great value for money in the market

    The Blue Project provide professional team will be available to carry out a free survey and analyze your own custom pool. After
    a careful inspection, it will develop a graphic project that will give you an idea of the selected project in relation to your garden and your home.
    Blue Pools Project offers a range of wellness products and components for swimming pools, built and
    made in Italy according to the made in Italy.
    The range of wellness products range from steam baths to showers, the ice falls, the calidarium and tepidarium, Finnish saunas, spoked
    infrared and bio saunas made from the finest and most resistant woods. Further to the completion of the wellness tools can be the Kneipp, the hydrotherapy stations practices tubs with all the best features, real mini pools with multifunction jets, heater and filtration system and self-disinfection.

    For information on how to make inground and above ground pools in Taranto, Francavilla, Bari, Lecce, Foggia and throughout the Apulian territory do not hesitate to contact the staff without obligation to the number 0805491762.

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    Taking a bath is a pleasure for the body and for the mind. A very pleasant treatment to detoxify and awaken our body is the whirlpool. The water temperature can help us both to detoxify and purify the body, to stimulate the circulatory system and metabolism.

    Hydromassage in water is the ideal method for recovering energy, feeling a sense of total relaxation of the physical and the mind. The benefits of a hydromassage do not only affect the body, which is more relaxed, relaxed, and rested, but it is especially relevant to the mental and mental sphere: a well-behaved hydromassage provides relaxation and relaxation, restores the psycho-physical equilibrium and The harmony lost during the day.
    In addition to resizing all the aesthetic problems, it brings many benefits to our body, increasing its blood pressure and stimulating circulation. The hydromassage consists of a bath inside special tanks that produce multiple water jets containing a mixture of air and ozone. Water is the source of all things and of all the principles: the benefits of a good massage in the water were already renowned in Roman times, where the spas depended among the people as a relaxation and wellness dispenser.

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    Blu Project

    The Blue Project company makes for you the pool of your dreams, using the best professionals in the industry that will help you in carrying out your wishes in relation to the space of your home.

    The activity is in charge of in-ground pools and above-ground swimming pool design in Matera, Potenza and throughout the territory of Basilicata. Our staff will carry out an inspection of your home, considering the space available with a graphic in relation to the chosen project. A plant that will integrate with your garden and the interior of your home. The company is the concessionaire of Aquilus brand with the construction of inground and above ground pools in Matera and Potenza with an ample supply of wellness products dedicated to private individuals and professionals in the personal care sector.
    Available additional tools to make your pool your angle being: wellness area as the Kneipp:

    practices whirlpools;

    mini pools with multifunction jets;

    heater and filtration system and autonomous disinfections;
    For information on how to make your pool or remodel your old pool please contact us without obligation to the number 0805491762

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  • Traditional Finnish Sauna
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    Traditional Finnish Sauna

    The sauna is now an integral part of the culture and lifestyle. The sauna is a place to relax physically and mentally, is not a luxury but a necessity.

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