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Get a splendid relief and respite with your circle of friends! The classic shape Rio 200 round spa is ideal for everyone. It has barrier free seating for up to 5 bathers, easy to use topside control unit, ozone water disinfection and 12 water jets.

Lucite Sanitary Ware was the first acrylic sheet to embed the Microban antibacterial protection during the casting process to ensure the performance features of the product. Lucite with Microban is safe and effective in reducing the proliferation of bacteria, permanently during the life of the spa and can not be washed off. The antibacterial protection is in addition to other excellent features acrylic Lucite.
The Myline Spa are produced in a mechanized chain with ABB robots. This robotic technology system is faster and more efficient than manual.

High sound insulation efficiency, probably the quietest massage available - Bathe whenever you want it and not disturb the neighbors!
High thermal insulation efficiency - which means more time to relax without having to add hot water and reducing power consume.
Eco-sustainable product, little degrade (as opposed to not release dangerous gases fiberglass).

Effective insulation is extremely important to reduce costs to a minimum. Triple "refl ective Thermal Barrier" (RTB) isolation of Myline models uses the heat rising from the dall'imppianto Spa reducing heat loss. heat and reflecting the energy on the shell and the hydraulic and keeping out the cold air. We placed our RTB system even in the thermal covers. The shell of the Spa have a special reflective coating that allows heat to be reflected in the water. This integrated system of energy management makes the exceptionally Myline economic models to own. Many manufacturers Spa continue to use a spray insulation while a few continue to mount the installation of the Spa outside of the coating under the steps. These systems are dated and lead to a greater damage of the Spa addition to being more expensive.


The lower panel forms the preformed insulating base on which we build our Spa. The sides of the panel extend upwards and form a barrier to protect the structure of the Spa soil moisture. Our refl ective barrier insulation system extending through the inferior panel to prevent substantial leakage of energy through the base cold and wet by the effect created soil moisture.


We offer a choice of beautiful composite coatings. The finish is the same as the timber of the furniture but does not need maintenance and be polished for years.

Most of the tanks are set up with the circulation pump ECO-LAING low energy consumption. With its very low energy (about 40% less of a common pump), and its doffing noise will minimize the management costs and will make more and more comfortable and relaxing the environment in which is placed the tub.

An essential accessory for your pool, with underwater lights lighting will allow you the use of the tank even on warm summer evenings and will donate a bit more class to your environment. The LED lighting system is the accessory that makes the truly unique bath and creative. This unique method of lighting allows you to give the brightness and colors you prefer to relax. Choose the colors of the LEDs and determined the intensity you want to give not only the tank, but also to the surrounding environment. This will give you a brilliant atmosphere and an oasis immersed in a soft light. Thanks to the LED system, you will have an elegant and refined bath

Discover Hot Tubs made to measure for you and your beach cottage, or the trulli of Alberobello, Noci, Locorotondo, Francavilla Fontana, Martina Franca or other places in Valle d'Itria, Blue Pools Project Delivery Whirlpool tubs also in Lecce , Hot tubs in Brindisi, Taranto Hot tubs, Hot tubs in Matera, Hot tubs in Bari and Province.

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