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Vasca Mod. Palermo

The SPA mod.Palermo very technical from the medium size.
Its two sceslong and seats can accommodate up to five adults. The intensity of the two massage pumps of which is provided can be easily adjusted thanks to the control board, from a gentle caress to an intense massage. Jets of heated air also ensure a relaxing massage with the pre-set temperature, while the lighting system RGB / color therapy will help you to immerse yourself in complete relaxation so as to enable you to download any bodily tension and mental. The maintenance costs are very low due to its super efficient insulation and filtration technology and circulation and low consumption.

Led Lighting

An essential accessory for your pool, with underwater lights lighting will allow the use of the tank even on hot summer evenings and will donate a touch of class to your environment. The LED lighting system is the accessory that makes the tub really unique and creative. This unique method of lighting allows you to give the brightness and the colors you prefer to relax. Choose the colors of the LEDs and certain lighting intensity you want to give not only the bath, but also to the surrounding environment. This will give you a brilliant atmosphere or an oasis nestled in a soft light. Thanks to the LED system, you will have a hot elegant and refined.


This tub is a technological triumph, is made up of several layers of insulation so as to obtain a high thermal and acoustic insulation. This can significantly reduce operating costs as well as making the environment, probably the most peaceful and safer for your family.

Insulation is extremely important for the hot tubs in order to reduce the operating costs to a minimum. The triple "Reflective Thermal Barrier" (RTB) uses heat gains from equipment of the spa, the collection of any thermal energy waste and keeps inside plumbing, keeping the colder outside air.

The Blower is standard for all tanks. The heated air stream gently caresses and oxygenates the skin. Much more comfortable than cold air systems most common, the heated air reduces the loss of heat from the water. The exclusive Silent Blower produces less than 60 db.

Most of the tanks are fitted with the circulation pump ECO-LAING low energy consumption. With its very low energy (about 40% less of a common pump), and its doffing noise will minimize the costs and make more and more comfortable and relaxing the environment in which is placed the tub.


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