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Spa Model Fusion 230

Finally, it's here: a truly invisible hydromassage system, for designs with absolutely clean lines and tubs completely free of external outlets and jets.
The GHOST SYSTEM is named for the invisibility of its hydromassage system, completely built-in inside the tub. The system features a thin opening around the inside edges that houses a great number of properly oriented jets.


The micro jets of the hydromassage system are concealed along the thin inside edge, the distinguishing feature of the tub's innovative design


Its innovation is seen in the tub's technical hardware completely built into a gap space, including the siphon overflow.


Air bolsters the healthful benefits of the hydromassage to pleasant effect.


The pleasure of the bath envelops and emblaces from every side, with the energy of the hydromassage and the balance of color therapy distributed along the bathtub's entire edge

The led lighting system is also hidden inside. This created a blade of light "magically" animates the hydromassage insidethe tub. All the hardware in concealed.

  • Dimensioni 230 x 180 x 65
  • Volume d'acqua 1000 l 
  • Peso a vuoto 210 Kg
  • Peso con acqua 1210 Kg
  • Getti idromassaggio 18
  • Pannello di controllo digitale Di serie
  • Disinfezione con ozono Di serie
  • Sistema ricircolo acqua con filtro a sabbia Di serie
  • Riscaldamento con regolatore di temperatura Di serie
  • Sistema di riempimento vasca automatico Di serie
  • Svuotamento vasca elettronico Di serie
  • Sensore di livello Di serie
  • Cromoterapia con led singoli perimentrali Optional
  • Pompa massaggio 1,7 hp / 1300 W / 230 V
  • Pompa ricircolo 530 W / 230 V
  • Riscaldatore 1500 W / 230 V


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