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An essential accessory for your pool, with underwater lights lighting will allow you the use of the tank even on warm summer evenings and will donate a bit more class to your environment. The LED lighting system is the accessory that makes the truly unique bath and creative. This unique method of lighting allows you to give the brightness and colors you prefer to relax. Choose the colors of the LEDs and determined the intensity you want to give not only the tank, but also to the surrounding environment. This will give you a brilliant atmosphere and an oasis immersed in a soft light. Thanks to the LED system, you will have a refined and elegant bath.

This tub is a technological triumph, consists of multiple layers of insulation so as to achieve a high thermal and acoustic insulation. This can significantly reduce operating costs as well as making the environment, probably the most peaceful and safer for your family.

Insulation is extremely important for the hot tubs in order to reduce operating costs to a minimum. The triple "Reflective Thermal Barrier" (RTB) uses heat gains from equipment within the spa, picking up any thermal energy waste and keeping it inside the hydraulic system, keeping the colder outside air.

The Blauer is the quietest on the market. The air jet heated gently caresses and oxygenates the skin. Much more comfortable than cold air to the most common systems, the heated air reduces the loss of heat from the water. Unique Silent-System produces less than 60 db.

All jets are optimized to ensure accurate massage on all muscle groups of the body. There are three different types of massage jets which vary the size and configuration of the outlets. All castings can individually adjust the flow, and each location has the jets arranged in a different way.


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