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The hot tub is a very technical mod. Palermo bath is medium-sized.

Its two sceslong and seats can accommodate up to 5 adults. The intensity of the two massage pumps of which is provided can be easily adjusted thanks to the control board, from a gentle caress to an intense massage. heated air jets also ensure a relaxing massage with the pre-set temperature, while the RGB / color therapy lighting system will help you to immerse yourself in complete relaxation so as to enable you to download any bodily and mental tension. The maintenance costs will be greatly reduced due to its super efficient insulation and filtration and circulation and low-power technology.

DIMENSIONS:                                             218 x 218 x 87 cm
PLACES:                                                       2 chaise lounges + 3 sessions
WATER VOLUME:                                      1315l
EMPTY WEIGHT:                                       350 kg
NUMBER OF JETS:                                     57
JETS BLOWER:                                           10
CHROMOTHERAPY:                                  Exclusive
COPERTUTA ISOTERMICA:                      Yes
ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS:              1 x 32A 230V / 50Hz
                                                                       3 x 16A 400V / 50Hz
PUMP WHIRLPOOL:                                   2 x 3 HP single speed
BLOWER:                                                     Silent hot air 450W + 300W
CIRCULATION PUMP:                               Silent 0,1kW
HEATER:                                                      3 kW / 230V / 50Hz
SANITATION:                                              1 filters

Aromatherapy:                                              Yes