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The building works to complete the pool

The building works to complete the pool in steel panels are very limited (curb around the perimeter of the buttresses and bottom sand and cement by 10 cm); the pool is not therefore requires no foundation in reinforced concrete or masonry reinforcement for its installation. The pool can be installed both underground and above grade on any type of terrain (slope, terrace etc ...) of whatever nature (sand, clay, etc ...). You can therefore obtain indisputable economic advantages in the construction costs of the building works, saving installation time and while having a safety net only.

Stages of the building for the installation of a swimming pool with frame in galvanized steel panels

    1. Following the tracing of the shape of the pool (performed by a surveyor), we proceed with the excavation of the soil, by an excavator and construction of the pit; 
    2. They are positioned 2 blocks on which will then set the ribbed panels, galvanized and plastic-coated; 
    3. After the installation of the panels, is made concrete in the bottom (10-15 cm) rasaturo to plaster. They are mounted accessories, piping hot and the technical area; 
    4. Laying septa AC supply to lose in prefabricated material, to support the edge and the pavement; 
    5.  Backfilling; 
    6.  Jet edge and paving; 
    7. .Laying board and flooring; 
    8. .Laying PVC sheet liner or concrete; 
    9. .Filling and activation pool.


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