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          The Fjord bathtub is a mini-hydrotherapy pool that follows the principles of cold water, 

          which is gaining more and more popularity.Dive into a cold pool ...


              Wonder combines the three main elements of the "well-being": heat, steam and

              water. Wonder patented system worldwide combining Technowood innovative 

              materials with unique hardware technology that allows you to have ...


              The steam bath, commonly called "Turkish bath", belongs to the same ancient

              tradition of purifying baths from which derives also the sauna. 

              When in an environment the steam


                     The tank consists of a fiberglass gusio where inside are brought to a supersaturated

                     solution of magnesium sulfate, maintained at a constant temperature of 34.8 ° C.

                     Once inside, the human body begins to ...

Infrared is the band of light perceived as heat, and it is not visible by necked eye.The traditional Finnish sauna works heating the air in-between the sauna room; infrared sauna works heating the body, penetrating it directly by the IR...

The sauna is the most classic heat cabin and is the hot/ dry bath that is most effective for detoxification.After only a few minutes spent in the sauna you will start sweating.Sweat is not only water but also contains electrolytes,...


         News! Project Blue Pools is Technogym equipment distributor in private.
         We invite you to visit our showroom in via fell work, 2A, adjacent ...

Design is the main character of this magnificent sauna, produced with great care up to the smallest detail. Its construction completely in cedar wood, a timber specifically chosen for its aromatic properties that gives out a highly.

Il bagno turco, sfruttando i benefici del vapore caldo contribuisce ad un miglioramento della condizione generale psicofisica dell'organismo. Esso infatti, agisce come ottimo antidoto contro le tensioni e ogno forma di...

Oltre ad essere conosciuto come uno dei trattamenti più benefici al mondo,con secoli di storia alle spalle, la sauna è uno degli strumenti più apprezzati per allestire la vostra personale zona benessere.Le...


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