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Salt Cabin

This treatment of Halotherapy has the same effects of a holiday to the sea: the salt particles make a continuous cleaning of the upper respiratory tract by bacteria.

It is very helpful for those who suffer from seasonal allergies of the respiratory tract.

Furthermore, there are positive effects to the skin, oxygenating and drying it.

The picture shows Himalayan salt wall, it is available with back lighting RGB.

The minerals dissolved on salt make the bricks of very different colors between them, and change furthermore for RGB light cycling; it is mostly used for decoration in the SPAS.

Blu Project Piscine proposes an alternative to the Himalayan salt bricks, a cabin with walls covered in pure white salt.

This creates an uneven surface, which is enhanced by the game of colors of the LED chromotherapy, located on the ceiling of the cabin. In both cabins, it is possible to install the wet or dry technique.


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