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The steam bath, commonly called "Turkish bath", belongs to the same ancient tradition of purifying baths from which derives also the sauna.
When in an environment the steam content is higher than the quantity of water present nell'epidermite, forms on the skin a layer of moisture that brings heat to the body. The simultaneous action of steam and heat helps blood lymphatic circulation by dissolving toxins and favoring the escpulsione.

The Turkish Bath, for its invigorating and relaxing properties, proves one of the best therapies for fighting the stress and tension we are subjected to on a daily basis; It is also a pleasant way to improve their physical appearance and seek greater efficiency. the dilation of the pores caused by the heat, facilitates the penetration of steam and all'epidermite allows to eliminate the impurities acquiring brightness, softness and elasticity. Virtually all ages is a great regulator of pressure and necessary therapeutic and preventive tool for respiratory diseases.

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