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The tank consists of a fiberglass gusio where inside are brought to a supersaturated solution of magnesium sulfate, maintained at a constant temperature of 34.8 ° C.

Once inside, the human body begins to float on the surface of the liquid that has a depth of only 20 cm.
Inside the tank they recreate the oxen and the absolute silence, so as to eliminate all external stimuli.
After about half an hour suspended in the liquid, they begin to feel the first signs that something unusual is happening to the body.
The perception of bodily boundaries usually vanishes, so the person who is immersed no longer feels to own a body. The feeling of deep relaxation induced by this state induces what is called "parasympathetic response." The organism is found to be defaticato constant commitment to monitor the body temperature and the gravitational structure, and begins to produce substances associated with the well-being as leendorfine.
After an hour spent imn this state, all bodily tensions are eliminated, and even psychological stress accumulated is released.

Excellent for those who have or vogliomo make a benessereo center for those who are subject to days of stress positions.

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