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Traditional Sauna

The sauna is the most classic heat cabin and is the hot/ dry bath that is most effective for detoxification.
After only a few minutes spent in the sauna you will start sweating.

Sweat is not only water but also contains electrolytes, salts, long chain fatty acids, urea, cholesterol, immuno- globulins, sugars and other substances, all residues of the various physiological processes that liver and kidney alone fail to eject.

The skin, with its three million sweat glands, is the or- gan that most extensively purifies the body. Sweat is the greatest ally to renew the skin, purifying it and making it soft, velvety, smooth and elastic and sweat is also good to encourage cell turn-over leading to a great detox.

The sauna and its alternating hot/cold (immersion in cold bath, shower or ice) is a blessing for those who suffer with peripheral microcirculation issues, as is pumped more vigorously from the bottom to the heart, reducing swell- ing and heaviness the lower limbs.


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